Daily Archives: November 30, 2014

Camping at Arthur River

Spent a couple of days camping at Arthur River, North West, Tasmania in mid November (2014). The weather was a little bit volatile, but the resulting images were worthwhile.

Arthur River

On the way back I thought I would stop by Dip Falls, an amazing waterfall to behold after a heavy rain, but the flow this time was quite low and a little disappointing.

Dip Falls

Not quite as spectacular as my previous visit (below).

Dip Falls

As the falls themselves were a little lack lustre I thought I would go check out the “Big Tree” instead.

The Big Tree

The best images from the trip are visible in the North West Tasmania Gallery.

As an ex-soldier, I enjoy all things military, so on the 22nd November 2014 I visited Campbell Town where they held the biennial “Midlands Military Meet and Rendevous”.

“The Midlands Military Meet and Rendezvous is a community orientated event held at the Campbell Town Show Ground in Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia and is presented by the SSAA Militaria Collectors Tasmania.

It was first conducted in 2008 and features living history displays, collector displays, veteran military vehicles, a varied speakers program, dealers and trade tables. The event exposes the public to some of Tasmania’s finest private collections of our military and colonial heritage as well as opportunities to see and learn other facets of history” (mmmr.com.au).


It was an excellent opportunity to capture some action pics. Please feel free to view the gallery of my favourite pics from the event