Monthly Archives: December 2014

Decided to do some hiking in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Central Highlands, Tasmania on 11-13 December 2014. This is the first hike I have undertaken in 9 months due to a case of Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot. After a cortisone shot in the tendon (7 weeks ago), I felt it was time to give my foot a test run.

Camped the two nights at Dixon’s Kingdom, an amazing place surrounded by Pencil Pines. On the first night I decided to go to the top of Mt Jerusalem and attempt to capture a sunset. On the way up the clouds started to appear and then a light shower followed. I was beginning to think an opportunity for a sunset shoot might not happen. But as I reached the top (about an hour walk) the rain stopped and some colour started to appear in the sky. As the sun descended and broke through the clouds, beams of golden light filled the valley below. An amazing sight, although I am not sure my photo fully captures the true magnificence of the scene I saw before me.

Sunset from Mt Jerusalem

Sunset from Mt Jerusalem (over Jaffa Vale)

The next day I decided to walk up Solomon’s Throne, then traverse the plateau and make my way over to King David’s Peak. Next time I will take more water, got a little dehydrated (along with a decent sized thumper of a headache) as the intensity of the sun started to kick in around noon. The area can be quite exposed and it is a little hard to get out of the direct sun.

King Davids Peak

King Davids Peak from Solomon’s Throne

The second evening I was hoping to capture a sunset from the top of The Temple (over Solomon’s Throne). But as I made my way up to Damascus Gate, a thick bank of mist rolled in and blanketed the valley limiting my visibility to the valley floor only. So I made my way to the Pool of Bethesda in the hope of capturing some more atmospheric images of the Pencil Pines, the water pool and the mist.

Mist through the Pencil Pines

Mist through the Pencil Pines

The last morning I thought I might be able to capture a nice sunrise from Dixon’s Kingdom, unfortunately the weather had other ideas and just before dawn I heard the unmistakable sound of rain falling on the tent. But we must look at the positives and I was quite tired after a couple of long days of walking and wear and tear on my poor left foot, so I did manage to go back to sleep for another couple of hours and in typical Central Highland fashion the sun was out when I awoke at 0730.

Overall, a very enjoyable trip even though I didn’t get all the shots I was after, but then what an excellent excuse for planning a future trip back into one of Tasmania’s true nature wonderlands.