My name is Darren Grattidge. In my current professional life I am a web developer for the University of Tasmania, but in my spare time I love nothing better than disappearing into the wilderness with a camera in the hopes of capturing something special. Luckily Tasmania is full of magic locations and there are plenty of oppurtunities to capture amazing images with a camera.

On top of Barn Bluff

What got me into photography, in particular landscape photography?

In 2002 I discharged from the Army. Being a little lost as to what to do next, I elected to go back to school (er grown up school). Firstly doing some certificate III’s and IV’s at TAFE in the areas of database administration and programming. After this I elected to go to University and do a Bachelor of Computing.

On completion of my studies I found employment with the University of Tasmania as a web developer. As part of this role I was regularly required to source up photographic content for projects. To my frustration I had a lot of trouble finding just the right types of images that I needed. This led me to the decision to purchase my first Digital SLR camera (Canon 600D). It wasn’t long before my days off were consumed with photography. Loading up my car with camping gear and taking off to coastal areas such as the Bay of Fires or Arthur River, or highland areas such as Cradle Mountain. After a while though I realised I needed to go a bit further off track to get many of the shots I really wanted. Now I love nothing more than throwing on a pack and going bush for days at a time, something I have greatly missed since leaving the Army.

And now

Even though my primary role these days is as a web developer, I do spend a fair degree of my time doing photography, photographing departmental events or assisting projects as the official photographer. Recently doing virtual tours (spherical panoramas) of a number of rural hospitals in and around Tasmania.

If you would like to see more of my photos, please view my Flickr account.